Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings


WIESEN-PIRONT is conscious about the environment

WIESEN-PIRONT offers you practical construction solutions that respect the environment.
The company builds customised traditional constructions. All Wiesen-Piront projects are now “Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings” (nZEBs),showcasing the excellence of
the constructor’s savoir-faire in this matter. The specifications are prepared in accordance with the customer’s needs.


It’s always a good idea to seek good energy consultancy while designing your home.

WIESEN-PIRONT offers you practical construction solutions that respect the environment. The company has experts in energy consulting, who are regularly trained in state-of-the-art technology.
WIESEN-PIRONT is certified for passive houses.

It’s always a good idea to use new technologies in matters of heating, ventilation and electricity.

If you opt for a low-energy construction, WIESEN-PIRONT’s engineers will analyse your project, calculate the energy consumption of your future property and advice you on the technical installations that will help minimise your energy expenditures. From an ecological point of view, we use nothing but cutting-edge branded products that comply with the new European standards on insulation (reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions).

The advantage of WIESEN-PIRONT is its teamwork, with regularly trained personnel.

We are a privileged partner of Buderus (heat pumps) and Brink and Zehnder (ventilation). Alongside teams of masons and exterior developers, WIESEN-PIRONT has 39 years of experience in heating/sanitation and electricity installation. This is why WIESEN-PIRONT guarantees an optimum use of energy sources. Different pieces of equipment are offered:

  • geothermal or aerothermal heat pumps,
  • automatic woodchip-fired boilers,
  • thermal solar panels
  • ventilation systems with heat recovery.

Nearly Zero-Energy Building

From 1st January 2017, passive has become the compulsory standard for all new constructions in the territory of Luxembourg. This measure is meant to prepare us for the 2020 European requirements.

The NZEB (Nearly Zero-Energy Building) efficiency class, which has existed in the country for many years, has become the official standard. It requires a building to achieve a passive level, by focusing on the issues of energy efficiency, thermal performance as well as the environmental impact.

From 2017, citizens of Luxembourg can rely on new aids, collected under a single facility, to finance their energy-efficient projects.


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