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Wiesen-Piront has more than 40 years of experience, poured into more than 1,800 single-family homes built in Luxembourg and more than 800 apartments.
A team of over 200 people is at your service.

You can count on our experts to provide you with high-quality and cutting-edge services. From design to delivery, you will have a single point of contact, someone who is both competent and responsible.

Founded in 1980, the company today has an administrative office in Weiswampach and a sales office in Bridel. Turnkey homes and the quality of our after-sales service are the selling points of Wiesen-Piront and distinguish it from the competition. If you are seeking a reliable partner in property development, describe to us your vision of your dream home and we will prepare a personalised set of specifications.


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The construction company Wiesen-Piront, installed in Bridel and in Weiswampach, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. A key player in the construction and real-estate sector in Luxembourg, Wiesen-Piront has, over the last 40 years, constructed more than 1,800 single-family homes, 250 of which are low-energy homes, and more than 800 apartments.

The Wiesen-Piront Group is a family business founded in 1980 by Rainer Piront and Helmuth Wiesen. Today, the company is managed by two managing directors, Frank Wagner and Mr Christian Jousten, and generates an annual turnover of 40 million euros.

The group employs more than 200 persons, who are in charge of building new constructions, from carcass works all the way to turnkey homes. Its architectural office plans a customised construction project together with the customer, in consideration of the topography of the land, the budget, the customer’s desires and needs and the essential energy criteria.

Wiesen-Piront guarantees fixed and competitive prices and strict deadlines.


Since 2017, the general standard in construction is the NZEB (Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings) class, and consumption has reduced to below 22 KW/m2 per year. To attain these goals, one requires high-quality products that guarantee the perfect insulation of the construction.

In order to guarantee this optimisation of constructions, Wiesen-Piront engineers are constantly seeking new, cutting-edge branded products of increasing efficiency. Depending on the types of materials, the Wiesen-Piront engineers calculate the energy consumption of the building and can advise the customer to reduce his future energy expenditure. They also aid in preparing and submitting his subsidy application files to the competent government authorities.

Top-Invest, the real-estate agency affiliated with the Wiesen-Piront Group, guarantees a rapid and efficient takeover of the property asset for sale or lease. Top-Invest relies on a large portfolio of potential customers and on a series of practical services that it offers to its customers: value assessment of assets, advertisements in real-estate media, energy passport, home-staging, etc.

By choosing the Wiesen-Piront Group, the customer chooses a reliable and innovative partner that knows the importance of values and ascribes significant focus on quality and on customised construction.


Let us together imagine and build the home of your dreams






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